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For anyone new to the city, getting hold of the Puneri dialect can be a task and rightly so. Where else would anyone ask you to shut up saying Yedya and appreciate something saying  Jamlay?  One can always spot a true Punekar anywhere in the world with their distinct lingo. How often does a Punekar feel awestruck that someone doesn't comprehend what they mean by Lai Bhari or Vadhiv. Is there even a better way to truly express? Be it how good the plate of misal is or our unique culture.


Bade Moochwale, a group of young minds took up the challenge to brighten up our daily commute between traffic and traffic signals. While most of us have spotted these explosion of colours bringing a smile, these super humans added life to darb walls across the city from University Campus to Sinhagad Road. 


These quirky words have seeped into common usage among the old as well as young & now have found a place on the walls of the city. Some of these were white washed or covered with campaign slogans in the recent Swachh Survekshan 2020. Here is the newest addition giving these pieces of art a second life on something closer to our hearts than ever and keeping the mission alive, like the team says: 

The idea is to create something that the passers by can relate to & be a part of, people enjoy it & admire it, and have a healthy laugh. Bring smiles while on the move!

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