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We ask everyone some standard questions. Most of them are translated and illustrated by our team in English from the language the person prefers to answer in. The questions we ask are quite basic and we are open to suggestions for the same. Drop us a mail in case you have any of your own!


In the journey of knowing more about who makes the stuff we call our favourite, meet this wonderful person who helped make the product you just bought!


Sandeep Singh, 28  

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


~An ever smiling face at Jholacraft. He is the one who does all the cutting and shaping to bring purpose to lifeless pieces of fabric~

"I like to travel a lot. There are many places to visit in Uttar Pradesh, that's where I come from. My hometown is a few hours away from Agra. There are many places in Madhya Pradesh worthy of a visit also Gujarat.
I've been to many places and love to visit temples. One I went to Girnar in Gujarat. You have to climb 10,000 steps in order to seek the blessings. From the bottom you can see ant sized human beings, its very funny to watch. On the other hand nothing is visible from the top, its just fog everywhere. 
We climbed 500 steps to find two cows who came up all  the way. I wonder how they reached up there and what next,will they climb further 9,500 steps of return back?
I like it so much that I went again after a couple of days to climb it. I reached the 500 steps mark and decided to return back. 
There is a rock on the mountain that hangs on th edge because of a small old tree. Its very huge, if it falls it will take out half the village at the bottom of the hill,for sure. You should definitely see it!
Now that I am in Pune, I haven't travelled much. I really want to go the Mahabaleshwar once. There are nice forts around too. Let's see when that happens!
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