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Giving a second life to the lost street art of Pune

Updated: May 31, 2021

A collaboration with the young & super talented Bade Moochwale

Pune City boasts of the largest possible number of college in India. The Oxford of the east as it is popularly known as, also has a rich heritage and culture dominating endless history books around the world. Being a center of a young talent which is ever curious to create new avenues, let alone not just explore them. Pune has a new wave of pop-culture based ideas and exploration.

Embracing the jokes that are frequently made about the true Punekar, we are welcoming to puns that most would term as insulting, benchmarking an identity that now most consider as being a Puneri or Punekar. Things like the notorious Puneri sign boards also known as Puneri Patya being one of the premier ways to make an insulting yet informative statement in the shortest possible way, being an highlight, making sarcasm a mainstream way of communication. In a city which has been the birthplaces for numerous empires dating back in history has a mix of two kinds of languages today. First being the purest forms of Marathi that can be ever experienced in the world or the second one which is confusing for most who isn't from Pune. Bade Moochwale's street art project from 2017 curates the second one.

Words like Jamlay, Gandlay, Kalla, Yedya, Vadhiv, Kamal, Niwant and Awra have a different meaning when in Pune. Not merely words, these are now emotions that express much more than what the dictionary says. The only way to know what it means is to find yourself a true Punekar who will do it in person. The street art project was focused on using these words to create murals that managed to define these pictorially. The murals could be found in the city of Pune right from the University to Sinhagad Road. These were unfortunately painted over during the "Swachh Survekshan 2020" campaign under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Now the walls lie covered by white paint or with lettering which basically mentions the campaign, something that will be redundant a year later when the next year's campaign is launched.

Giving the project a second life in a form that he people who actually identify with these words and emotions can embrace. The collaboration between Bade Moochwale and Just T-Shirts was launched. Selecting four of these murals, these were digitised to be crafted into super cool merchandise. A testament to the finest art and craftsmanship from Pune.

Here is the newest addition giving these pieces of art a second life on something closer to our hearts than ever and keeping the mission alive, like the team says: The idea is to create something that the passers by can relate to & be a part of, people enjoy it & admire it, and have a healthy laugh. Bring smiles while on the move.

You can shop from the collection of the website and order away with free shipping across India on all orders. Click here to be redirected to the Collection Page:

You can get in touch with Abhinav Kafare the founder of Bade Moochwale for further details. You can also connect with Bade Moochwale on Instagram and stay updated on the adventures with paint and multiple other mediums on Instagram. Click on the link (Instagram: @bademoochwale)


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