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Top 5 Adventure Sports and Activities In & Around Pune

With its known personality of being a hub of education & global business and a thriving young population, the drive for adventure is ever growing. The hangouts for the same a re growing like popcorn in a hot pan, be it unique cafes, restaurants, shopping destinations and what not. With these new joints popping up there is also a growing number of adventure sports and activities popping up across the city. Here are a few of the best adventure sports and activities that one can and definitely should experience at least once in and around Pune.

Kundalika River Rafting


The Kundalika river rafting is located less than 100 kilometres from Pune. The river swells up when water is released from the nearby dam. The rocky waters offer one of India's most trilling rafting experience. The activity can be done as a one day trip or the village of Kolad can also be your much needed weeekend getaway. With multiple resorts and hostels, this is meant for all budgets.

Approximate Cost Per person: INR 1000

Kamshet Paragliding


The pristine hills situated about 45 kilometers from the city have one of the most thrilling adventures ever. For anyone who ever dreamt of flying this one is it. Preferably to be done in winters with lush green nature to be explored like it should, with a bird's eye view. The activity will cost around INR 2500 per person. It requires no gear or such of own, all you need to do is drive to the location, fill out a form and that's it.

Approximate Cost Per person: INR 2500

ATV Ride In Pune

ATV Ride

The Della Adventure Park in Lonavala has it all. Out of that the most fun part is the ATV ride. Like the ones most have just seen in moves, the ATV or the All terrain vehicle take son the dunes and the obstacles like a boss. The best part, you don't even need a license to try one out. The best time to try this adventure sport is between September and March, when the weather is pleasant.

Approximate Cost Per person: INR 1800

Leap of Faith

Bungee Jumping

The Della Adventure Park in Lonavala also has Bungee Jumping activity. Not meant for the person with a fear of heights or this could be even a way for one to deal with their fears. The Park has a verified safety record for a very long time. Very close from Mumbai as well, this is a perfect getaway for Mumbaikars as well.

Approximate Cost Per person: INR 1800

The pristine forts and hills will leave your breathless


If trekking is on your mind, head to the nearest fort. There are plenty of trekking trails in and around the town, suited for all ability levels. Some of the most popular trekking routes are Rajgad Fort trek, and Devkund trek, all offer incredible views of the lush landscape. The most ideal time to go for trekking in Lonavala is from September to March.

Location: Numerous Forts Around Pune

Approximate Cost Per person: Free of cost!

These are some of our favourites. Do comment down which ones are your top 5. We'll include those to our list of must do adventures.

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