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We ask everyone some standard questions. Most of them are translated and illustrated by our team in English from the language the person prefers to answer in. The questions we ask are quite basic and we are open to suggestions for the same. Drop us a mail in case you have any of your own!


In the journey of knowing more about who makes the stuff we call our favourite, meet this wonderful person who helped make the product you just bought!


Mangal Shivraya Ramlar, 42

Raichur, Karnataka

~She is a highly skilled and experienced tailor and stitches beautifully crafted clothing apparels~

What's your Name? 

~My full name is Mangal Shivraya Ramlar


Which language do you speak at home? 

~I primarily speak Kannada, which is my mother tongue. I also speak Marathi.


How old are you?

~Right now I'm 42


Where are you from?

~I am originally from Raichur which is in Karnataka. Currently I'm staying and working in Pune.


Tell us about your education?

~9th Grade


What are your hobbies?

~I like cooking, listening to music, social work as well


Who all are in your family and what do they do?

~My husband works as well. I have two sons, one son is working right now and the other is still studying, he works part time.


Make a wish!

~I want to see my family always happy and my sons to grow up and be successful in future


What's your talent?

~Stitching maybe...

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